Maracaibo Game Jam 2017: The most wavy Game Jam!

By January 26, 2017Development

Teams at Gamejam

This past weekend was really fun! We managed to run and organize the Maracaibo Game Jam 2017, a local take on the international initiative better known as Global Game Jam.

From January 20 and running through to January 22, over 30 jammers gathered together to create games in less than two days. The theme for this year’s Global Game Jam, was Waves. Ocean waves, waveforms, sound waves or “waving” hello, were used as inspiration for the games.

The games:

Teams were formed as soon as the event started. Programmers, designers, musicians and more joined their talents in order to develop new and creative video games. After a lot of hard work, many snacks and sodas (and pizzas!), 8 wavy games were developed at the Maracaibo Game Jam.

Blindless PainBlindness Pain
In this maze-like game you play as a blind person that uses sounds to “see” the walls and escape the labyrinth.

Caught in the WavesCaught in the Waves:
Help Apo to survive to survive in his island by pressing the correct keys.

monkeypawChimpy and the Golden Paw:
Chimpy is a monkey with a special Golden Paw that let him “see” and grab onto the waves emanating from nature itself.

Lost ControlLost Control:
Find the right timing to change gears so your ship don’t crash into the walls.

pizzaM I C R O W A V E _ S I M U L A T O R:
Have you ever wanted to be a Microwave? Now you can make your dreams come true.

sayhellofixSay Hello!:
A game where you greet other people by waving a different salute each time.

Wave DashWave Dash:
You control an electron that must escape the oscilloscope. Very difficult game!

wavepsace2Wave Space:
Take control of a spaceship and evade the waves that come out from the black hole.

Overall, it was a great experience for us since we’re always looking to support the local gamedev community, and the Maracaibo Game Jam was a perfect opportunity to do this. If you would like to get more information about the event or download and play thousands of great games created all around the world in less than 48 hours, head over their website and learn more about the Global Game Jam initiative.

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