Who Are We?

Established in Maracaibo – Venezuela in 2012, 3D Avenue is an Independent Video Game Development Company founded by very passionate gamers with a goal to create innovative and simple video games that deliver a great gameplay experience.

3D Avenue’s first title, Nanomites, is an arcade game released for iOS and Android which was well received by both critics and players. Currently, 3D Avenue is working on Spectrum, a platformer game planned to be released on multiple platforms very soon.


A few years before 3D Avenue came to life, Santiago Salcedo had the thought of working on games for a living, and partnered with a friend to try to make it happen. After a few months they found someone else to join the team, David who had created a simple game they noticed on his social profile.

Vittorio would join the group later on, when during Blizzcon 2009 he’d casually mention to David he wanted to do something related to the gaming industry.
After finding an office, a team, and the time, the next thing to do was to make a game, so that’s what the guys did, and after many challenges, some splits, and a lot of work, Nanomites was finally released.

The team grew a little and Spectrum came into being, the game was released for iOS, Android, PC and consoles.

Right now the team is working on their next project, and hope to have a lot more news about it soon.