Meet the faces behind the games

Established in Venezuela in 2012, 3D Avenue is a Video Game Development Studio founded by very passionate gamers focused on creating great and exciting games from design to release and beyond. We have two published and released games; Nanomites which is our first arcade game ever released on mobile devices and Spectrum, an abstract and challenging platformer available on iOS, Android, Steam, and more recently on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Our Team

We are a mix of artists, designers and engineers, working together with the same goal in mind: to create great and unique experiences through our games.

David Morón

Co-Founder / Producer

Coming from a web development background, and with a great passion for gaming, David’s reason to learn programming had always been working on video games, sadly now he doesn’t program at all and just sits around trying to get out of bronze league in StarCraft 2, and our games get constantly delayed because of this.

Santiago Salcedo

Co-Founder / Game Designer

While bored working his 9 to 5, in front of a depressing Excel worksheet, Santiago thought there had to be something he didn’t suck at, and after beating Flash games while avoiding actually working, he decided that’s what he wanted to do. So he set on a mission to put a team together to make games, this mission came to be on 2012 and 3D Avenue was born.

Vittorio D’Alessandro

Co-Founder / Executive Producer

With a great passion for gaming, and a vision to work on the video game industry, Vitto’s contribution to the team and to the business side of the company is indispensable. Unfortunately, he rarely comes to the office, but his name sounds kinda cool, and we keep him on the credits to make it seem like more people actually did work on the games.

Ildegardis Briceño

Lead Artist

Kinder’s passion for the dark side has allowed him to develop remarkable drawing skills, and with a background in game development, having worked on popular Half Life mods like Sabaneta 2050, and Front Line Force, his input to the time has been priceless.

Dave Delgado

Music & Sound FX

Dave’s ability to create auditive experiences always exceeds our wildest expectations, his vast experience in the music industry is a great asset to the team, we did wish though that he didn’t over slept as much because of all the partying.

Maximiliano Hernández

Lead Programmer

Max is a hard working programmer, with a huge passion for gaming, and a great deal of anime knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter, but unless you are fluent in japanese, you shouldn’t bother.

Jorge Rincón

Marketing / Community Manager

Jorge is our community manager and the man behind 3D Avenue’s social media/image and marketing. When he is not praising Castlevania or Final Fantasy, he is giving great insight on our team’s assignments.

Lorennys Perdomo


Lorennys became our youngest (and the most kawaii) member of the team, mostly because of her awesome illustration and painting skills that caught our eyes immediately. She shares a passion for gacha-like games, and has proved to be a know-it-all when it comes to anime and manga.

Enilio Sarcos


Enilio joined the programming team in late 2017 and inmediately started to amaze us with his programming skills and quick issue-solving abilities. As everyone else on 3D Avenue, he is an avid gamer and is always up for a quick match in Overwatch (as long as he is not busy or the code is compiling).

Tomás Amado

QA & Production Assistant

Tom is our QA guy and Production Assistant, who joined the team after doing an internship in the studio. He has a sixth sense for catching bugs and is always trying to figure how to make our lives easier. Don’t let his “normal person camouflage” fool you, he’s an avid nerd for manga, who you can sometimes find hanging around in VR Chat and is officially in charge of keeping us updated with the latest memes and internet trends.

Fabriana Figueroa


An incredibly talented artist who will kick your butt on Smash using her left hand while drawing something amazing with her right. She has unmatchable illustration skills and is always down to learn new stuff. She’s also the second most hardcore fan of Star Wars in the office.

Eduardo Borges


The most master of dungeon masters and a huge fan of anime, Eduardo is an incredible programmer with an incredible capacity to pick up and learn just about anything related to technology and gaming, a knowledgeable gamer who can sit to talk and share his passion for gaming for hours while being one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet.