An arcade game for iOS and Android.

Nanomites is an Arcade game released for iOS and Android. Set out in a comic environment, the player’s mission is to split the mites from each other. To do this you will have to draw lines and avoid getting hit by the mites as you capture them. Beating wave after wave to get highscores, compete against your friends to the top of the leaderboards.

Each of the seven mites have a unique behavior, with seven in total, the game becomes harder and harder after each wave. Easy to learn and hard to master, Nanomites delivers a unique take on classic games such as Qix and Jezzball by using modern gameplay elements.

Endless Waves

Means endless fun, compete for high scores and challenge your friends.

The Nanomites

Seven mites each with a different behavior and personality.

Modern Innovative Gameplay

Inspired by Qix and Jezzball, Nanomites plays with a simple touch gameplay mechanic, used to draw lines and split the mites from each other.


Available on iOS and Android.

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