1. Summary
  2. Controls
  3. User Interface
  4. Game Flow
  5. Goals
  6. Obstacles
  7. Game Objects
  8. Credits

1. Summary

Spectrum is a platform game with a minimalist aesthetic set out in an abstract world, where you control a dark entity attempting to reach the portals on each level while avoiding the colorful objects it encounters.

2. How to play

Tilt Controls



Touch Pad Controls

help_touchGamepad Controls

help_pad3. Menus

Main Menu

help_mainmenuLevel Select

help_levelselectPause Menu

help_pauseScore Screen Menu

help_victory_btn4. Game Flow

The game is composed by 3 chapters, each containing 20 levels overall which are split into 10 light and 10 dark levels. Light levels are the original versions of the stages, while the dark ones are their harder counterparts.

How to unlock levels:

  1. Chapter 1: Beat the tutorial
  2. Level 10 on any chapter: Beat the previous 9 levels within it.
  3. New Chapters: Beat the previous chapter. i.e, Beat chapter 1 to unlock chapter 2.
  4. Dark World: Beat all light levels

5. Goals

Main Goal

Reach the exit portal of each level to beat it.


Optional Goal 1, Obtain a perfect trophy on a level

Perfect trophies are achieved by beating a stage below the time goal, collecting all orbs and reaching the portal unharmed, all of which are represented by indicators in the interface. Please note that obtaining each objective separately through different runs will not result in a perfect trophy and a full circle in the score screen.


Optional Goal 2, Time Leaderboard

Each chapter in the game has its own leaderboard based off the time the player has taken to beat it. The total time of a chapter is calculated by the sum of the players best time runs for each individual level. The lower the time, the higher the position in the leaderboard.

 6. Obstacles

There are four (4) types of obstacles in the game. 1) Neutral, 2) Hurt and 3) Kill Obstacles, which are represented by their color. Many of them may be animated in a certain way or pattern, but ultimately they are classified by the 3 types mentioned above. And there are also 4) Air Vents, represented by gaps on certain surfaces and line particles which simulate wind.

Neutral Obstacle

This type of obstacle does not harm the player in any way but it will interfere in his path. It is represented by the color White in light levels and Dark Grey in dark levels.

help_neutralHurt Obstacles

This type of obstacle will harm the avatar and reduce his life hit points by 1. It is represented by light colors.

help_hurtKill Obstacles

This type of obstacle will kill the avatar with a single touch. It is represented by highly saturated colors.

help_killAir Vent

This type of obstacle constantly pushes the player upwards at a force.


7. Game Objects


Regains health and tallies for the orb gather objective.



Activates an animated object



Exit point of a level


8. Credits

Executive Producer

Vittorio D’Alessandro

Game Designer

Santiago Salcedo


David Morón

Vladimir De La Cruz

Art and Graphics

Ildegardis Briceño

Alejandro Socorro