What are we working on right now?

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At 3D Avenue, we are always trying to figure out how can we make our games great and fun, and that brought us to our current project. While working on the Android port of Nanomites and testing some proof of concepts, one question popped into our heads: “Does Unity 3D have accelerometer support?” and without knowing it, the core movement mechanic for our next game was born, and quickly implemented.

A very early version of Spectrum, then called Tilt and Jump

We figured this was a nice way to move a character around on mobile platforms, and decided to add a jump mechanic; then adding a dive mechanic was pretty much intuitive, and after playing around on some test levels, we decided this was the game we were going to work on. Other proof of concepts were put aside, and work on Spectrum officially began in June 2013. But it wasn’t named Spectrum back then, for a while we just called it Tilt and Jump, then just Tilt, and after many terrible ideas, including Tilanyun (a play on terrible spanish pronunciation of Tilt and Jump), we thought Spectrum fit the game well, it sounded simple, and matched the idea of colors having a role in the game. Since then,, we’ve been polishing the game a lot, by adding as much great content as we can, and making sure everything works as expected.

Brainstorming the game’s name

We are very proud of how the game is looking and we can’t wait for everyone to play it, and hopefully enjoy it as much as we do. I hate using cliché phrases, but it’s the truth.

We are pretty much at the last development stage with Spectrum, we are look forward to have an official announcement very soon. There’s still some details we need to figure out in order to have the best release we can.

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